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About Nairobi Royal Brand

Nairobi Royal Brand provides professional services in dog training. We mainly specialize in obedience training, grooming, handling and also hire our guard dog for security. At NRB, our services are personalized to suit the needs of different clients. Our main objective is to continue providing professional dog training for people from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves on being the best dog trainers in the country. We train dogs in social behavior and obedience. We also provide grooming services that involve house calls or even at our facility.

In addition, in case of a private function or if you need a guard dog for your home security, we can provide that.

Are you looking to travel but do not know where to leave your dog? Well, the good news is we board dogs for our clients. As service providers, we believe that nothing appeals to a client more than convenience and quality.

Our Mission

To provide the best and most efficient services to our clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading dog training, grooming and guard dog security hire service providers in East and Central Africa.


Dog Obedience Training Nairobi Royal Brand

Dog obedience training

Grooming Nairobi Royal Brand


Handling and boarding Nairobi Royal Brand

Handling and boarding

Gaurd dog security Nairobi Royal Brand

Guard dog security hire

Licensing Nairobi Royal Brand


Dog Permits Nairobi Royal Brand


We also do

Dog training, Dog grooming, Dog runs and fitness program, Kennel Construction and Management, Aggression Training, Pet products and accessories, Imports and Export consultation, Movement permit and Licensing.


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